Sistine Chapel Interior Low Poly 3D Model
Sistine Chapel, low poly 3d model3ds max file includes Render Setup with Lighting and camera setup. Special notes:- .fbx format is recommended for import in other 3d software. If your software...
Sales: 6
Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR 3D Model
A beautiful 3D model prepared with care for details and hardware performance.The 3D model was created on real base. It’s created accurately, in real units of measurement, qualitatively and...
Sales: 1
1996 Chevrolet Impala 3D Model
Chevrolet Impala SS low-poly 3d model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time textures:PNG - 2K resolution other available formats: obj, 3ds, fbx,...
Sales: 4
Stylized Hand painted Pistol Low Poly
General Information This high quality stylized low poly gun would be ideal in any themed game.The model are created in blender 3.0 and 3ds max 2018for texturing substance 3d painter is used and...
Eyeball Realistic 3dModel
Eyeball Realistic Low-poly Game Ready 3dModel. This is a high quality realistic asset made for Real-Time engines using PBR technology as seen in modern AAA games. It also can be used in...
Lemon GameReady Low-poly 3D model
The 3D lemon model was prepared with a blender. With low polygon, it is game ready in all your game projects or you can easily use it in your render projects. It contains 1k and 4k textures. Thanks...
Male Head Sculpt 3D Model
Male Head Sculpt, 3D Head Sculpt model, that is created to help you create your character. The model is suitable for any visual production - zbrush, other sculpt application and the broadcast,...
Chess Horse Lowpoly 3D model
Chess Horse Lowpoly 3D model. You can use it easily in your 3d projects, you can use it in your games. You can use it in your render projects . You can make it much better quality by changing
Handgun 3D Low Poly Model
Handgun 3D Model Low Poly Model By Blender 3.3.1 Textures Not Include! Render By Marmoset Toolbag 4 It is a level of work that can adapt to many game projects
Sci Fi Gun - Encre 3D Model
_Desc._ Sci-Fi Laser Bluster Assault Gun. It is rigged and properly skinned for animation. Provided the a Blend File, High quality textures, FBX file (For Unity and Unreal Engine) to export to Game...
Metal Can High Poly 3D model
Metal Can is a 3d model. You can use it easily in your 3d projects, you can use it in your games. You can use it in your render projects . You can make it much better quality by changing
3D Animated Travel Illustration
Travel design in motion? Introducing the 3D Animated Travel Icon Set. From planning and booking to departure and arrival, this unique icon pack grabs everyone’s attention.
Boxing Bag 3D model Game Ready
3D Boxing Bag modelAll textures and materials are included and mapped in every format. The model is completely ready for use visualization in any 3d software and game engines (Unreal 4 ,...
Chess Pawn Lowpoly 3D model
Chess Pawn Lowpoly 3D model. You can use it easily in your 3d projects, you can use it in your games. You can use it in your render projects . You can make it much better quality by changing
Screwdriver Lowpoly 3d Model
Human Eyeball Pack 3d model with 2K PBR maps 3 colors: Old, New, Gold Use this model for any purpose. It is suitable for video and static visualization.

3D Models to Download - FBX, OBJ, 3DS formats

3D models are widely expanding across the internet.

Their popularity is probably associated with their realistic look. Three-dimensional representations can grab people’s attention and make them curious about your product or services.

Plus, 3D models ensure high quality and definition, guaranteeing a professional look that will confer professionalism and trustworthiness to your content and business.

The many advantages they bring make these three-dimensional models the preferred choice in the most disparate industries, such as medical and games.

However, creating 3D models from scratch can be difficult and requires hands-on experience with some professional software. Especially if you're a beginner or have no experience at all, you may end up with poor-quality results.

In such a case, buying a ready-made 3D model might be a better and more convenient solution for your needs, which will allow you to save time and money while taking advantage of professional work.

3D models at Templateog体育首页

Throughout the Templateog体育首页 marketplace, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of 3D models among which to choose. All the models are designed by experts from all around the world and present an original design.

The models represent different objects and concepts related to different topics. You’ll be able to choose the one that best suits your business or necessities.

Plus, to make the research quicker, you can filter the results by price, rating, compatibility, topic, color, and last update. This way, you’ll get only the results you may be potentially interested in.

3D model topics

3D models can be related to different topics and fit any type of content. Thus, whatever industry you or your business operates in (from medical to games), you’ll be able to find a corresponding model easily.

The following are some of the most common topics you can encounter:

  • vehicle;
  • games;
  • animals;
  • building;
  • cars;
  • characters;
  • nature;
  • technology;
  • science;
  • food.

3D compatibility

3D models are specifically compatible with different software and programs. The compatibility will allow you to use the programs to make the necessary adjustments or edit the 3D models according to your preferences. The following are some of the most popular compatible ones:

File formats

The Templateog体育首页 marketplace offers a wide range of 3D model file formats. You can freely choose the one that best suits your needs, intended uses, or compatible with the editing program you use. The following are some of the most common formats you can encounter:

  • FBX;
  • OBJ;
  • 3DS;
  • C4D;
  • STL;
  • 3DS;
  • MAX.

How to edit ready-made 3D models

Most of the ready-made 3D models available at the Templateog体育首页 marketplace are editable and customizable using some compatible programs. The following are some of the most popular editing software you can use:

  • FreeCAD;
  • Blender;
  • SketchUp;
  • MeshLab;
  • MeshMixer.

What are 3D models used for?

3D models are multipurpose elements. This means you can place them wherever you like the most, regardless of the digital asset (website, mobile app, and so on). Thus, they can help you achieve different purposes most effectively.

Below, we listed some of the most common 3D models uses.

Product presentations

You might wish to present a new product launch or showcase a prototype to an audience or potential funders. In such a case, a 3D model is the best option. It will allow you to illustrate your product in minimal detail. This will let the potential customers explore and analyze it in-depth and potentially convince them to proceed with the purchase.


Creating high-definition games often requires 3D modeling. Three-dimensional landscapes, characters, objects, and so on can create a game experience much more engaging and realistic. Thus, games 3D models can help you improve the user experience and the graphical quality and resolution.


Architects now create complex structures using 3D modeling programs. 3D models are not only a great way to visualize in detail the projects, but they also allow flexibility and inspire creativity. If an element is undesirable, for instance, it can simply be removed with no major consequences.


Using 3D models, film producers can create amazing CGI graphics without physical production processes. Particularly when it comes to creating adventurous movies, 3D modeling can be a great help.


3D modeling has also helped improve healthcare and medical science significantly. Three-dimensional models can help us view the human body, for example. Additionally, they can help construct artificial organs and medical devices, and equipment.

3D models key features

Some features help distinguish 3D models from the other types of graphics. According to your necessities or preferences, you may either need them or prefer a two-dimensional digital product.

To help you with this choice, we listed some of the most relevant key features of 3D models.


3D models are versatile elements. This means you can easily place them everywhere and adapt them to any content and digital asset type. Plus, you can easily edit one or more components of the model without causing major problems.

High precision

3D models are highly appreciated because of their definition. You can visualize, create, and edit them in detail, guaranteeing the highest precision and quality. As a result, you’ll end up with highly defined and eye-catching models.


As aforementioned, you can easily edit 3D models. You can change single elements or parts of the model or the overall design without messing up the complete representation. To do so, you can use one of the many available and compatible 3D editing programs.

Easy to review and share

After the creation, 3D models can be archived for later use. The cloud-based systems allow the project to be accessed from any part of the world. The models can also be shared, and other people can proceed with changes, updates, or extensions.

How to choose the best 3D models

When choosing ready-to-use 3D models, there are some details you should pay attention to. Not every model is suitable for every need. The choice should be accurate and comprehend all the essential aspects to get the best results.

To help you in the decisional process, we listed below some of the most important things to consider.

Topic related

One of the first things to look at is the relation to the topic. Based on the industry you or your business operate in, you can choose a model or another. This is an extremely important consideration, as choosing unrelated graphics could affect the professionalism and trustworthiness of your content.

Software compatibility

Another important aspect to consider when choosing ready-to-use 3D models is their compatibility with the software you intend to use. The compatibility will allow you to import the file into the program and easily edit it according to your necessities and/or preferences.

File format

Based on the intended use, you should also take into consideration the 3D model file format. This will enable you to use it for certain purposes and place it on specific and compatible assets.


Based on your budget and the dimension of your business, you may need to consider the price of the 3D model. As the prices for these types of graphics range from $10 to $200, you may need to choose a simpler or more complex model according to your economic availability.

3D model file formats

3D models are available in many file formats. Each format is specifically ideate for certain purposes and compatible with some digital assets and types of content.

Sometimes, choosing between a format and another can be difficult because of the similarities they present. This is why we listed below some of the most popular 3D model file formats and what they’re best used for.


FBX is a proprietary file format that is mostly used in the film industry and video games. This format supports geometry and appearance-related properties like colors and textures. It also supports skeletal animations and morphs.


OBJ file format is mostly used for exchanging information and 3D printing. In other words, OBJ is the file format that stores all kinds of information about 3D models: surface geometry, size, color, texture, and so on. It is compatible with some of the most popular software such as Maya, MeshLab, Blender, etc.


3DS is a proprietary file format associated with Autodesk software. This type of file format stores all the information as triangles. Therefore, it can only hold and transfer the most basic data: geometry, scene, animation, etc.

It is one of the most used file formats for drawings and sketches, and it is widely popular in engineering, architecture, education, and product manufacturing.


STL (STereoLithography) is one of the most important neutral 3D file formats and is one of the oldest file formats. It is widely used in rapid prototyping, 3D printers, and computer-aided manufacturing.

As an STL file describes only the surface of a 3D object, it cannot store any information about colors, materials, precision, and texture.

Advantages of using 3D models

Several advantages make people prefer using 3D models over other types of traditional graphics.

Below we listed some of the most relevant benefits you can take advantage of by adding 3D models to your content.


Users widely appreciated 3D models for their high quality. These types of graphics are, in fact, able to grab the users’ attention and make them curious about what you want to offer. It’s not only about the overall design; 3d models allow you to build and inspect them in every component.

Professionalism and trustworthiness

As 3D models are highly defined, they’ll make your content look more professional. As a result, your business will benefit from this advantage. As a result, users will perceive your business as trustworthy and more likely to take a step further in the buying process.


As most 3D models present a unique design, you’ll make your content more memorable by using them. If users see something never seen before, they’ll be more likely to remember it. By doing this, people will recognize your brand more easily across the web and social media channels, resulting in a stronger brand identity.

Easy remodeling and corrections

3D modeling allows you to make even minute changes without affecting the overall design of the model. This means you’ll have enough flexibility to make all the edits you want or need to refine, ensuring you the best results regarding appearance and functionality.

Clear measurements

A 3D design can illustrate the physical dimensions of the objects in comparison with the other elements in the total layout. For example, it will be very beneficial to those who want to arrange objects to reach various objectives like space, movement complications, correcting room size, etc.

3D Models Unlimited Download with og体育首页ONE

If your project, business, or necessities require more than a single 3D model, a subscription to the og体育首页ONE plan might be a more convenient solution for you. It will grant you access and allow you to download unlimited 3D models designed by experts from all around the world with the use of professional software.

3D Models FAQ

What is a 3D model?

A 3D model is a mathematical representation of objects in a three-dimensional form. These representations aim to illustrate anything in the most realistic way possible.

How much 3D models cost?

A 3D model will cost from $9 to $200. The price can vary based on the complexity of the graphic.

What’s the easiest 3D modeling software?

Cinema 4D is one of the easiest 3D modeling software that both professionals and beginners can use.

Is 3D modeling difficult?

3D modeling can be relatively easy to learn with enough time and constant practice. However, it may be difficult to master this discipline.

What is the best 3D modeling software for beginners?

The following are some of the best 3D modeling software for beginners:

  • Vectary;
  • Meshmixer;
  • SculptGL;
  • SketchUp;
  • Zbrush.