Asgardia L和scape 设计 和 Gardening Joomla 5 和 Joomla 4 Template


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更新: 2024年2月20日

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Asgardia L和scape 设计 和 Gardening Joomla 5 和 Joomla 4 Template - Features Image 1Asgardia L和scape 设计 和 Gardening Joomla 5 和 Joomla 4 Template - Features Image 2

Introducing Asgardia - a mesmerizing Joomla 4 template that transcends the ordinary 和 elevates your 园艺 和 景观 ventures to celestial heights. With 13 enchanting homepage variations, you'll embark on a boundless journey of creativity, shaping your virtual 花园 paradise with grace 和 ease.

Embrace boundless possibilities with 5 captivating megamenu styles, guiding visitors through the lush paths of your botanical wonderl和. Choose from 20 preset color styles, each painting a distinct tapestry of beauty, harmonizing with the radiant bloom of your imagination.

Immerse yourself in a world of typography, where unlimited 谷歌字体 imbue your content with elegance 和 charm, ensuring every word blossoms like a poetic sonnet. Select from three background types, weaving a backdrop that complements the essence of your verdant 景观s.

Discover the allure of duality as Asgardia embraces both light 和 dark versions, where tranquility 和 mystique intertwine. Stay anchored with the sticky header, guiding explorers through your 绿色 haven with effortless navigation.

Savor the freedom to tailor your canvas with full 和 boxed 布局, adapting to your creative vision like a masterpiece in progress. Revel in the seamless user experience with the off-canvas sidebar, unearthing a trove of hidden delights.

Enriched by the T4-Framework 和 empowered by 引导5, Asgardia promises unparalleled performance, 稳定, 与现代, setting the stage for your botanical opus.

Witness the awe-inspiring 读数位置指示器, charting the course of exploration, ensuring no petal is left unseen. Asgardia embraces your dreams 和 aspirations, nurturing them with devotion, turning your virtual 花园 into an extraordinary reality. Embrace the essence of Asgardia, where nature's embrace meets the marvels of technology, 和 your 绿色 legacy flourishes like stars in the cosmic sky.


  • 完全 响应 设计
  • Joomla 4.x版本
  • 引导5 - T4框架
  • 5 MegaMenu 风格
  • 20个预设颜色样式 和 much more (Create your color scheme easily with T4 flexibility)
  • 13个主页 布局
  • 3背景 Type Options (Fixed Image, Patterned Background 和 Solid Color)
  • 黑暗 版本(4种深色样式)
  • 无限的 谷歌字体
  • 粘性的菜单
  • Off-Canvas 侧边栏
  • 1320 px的网格 系统
  • 包含完整演示 快速入门
  • 智能滑块3
  • 干净现代风格
  • 不同的 投资组合 页面
  • 关于我们 页面-团队
  • 联系 带有谷歌地图的页面
  • Video 扩展和视频页面
  • 博客 页面
  • JT内容滑块
  • 订阅 邮件列表
  • 3列 布局
  • Image or Text logo (Adjustable on 管理面板 )
  • 全宽a和盒式布局
  • 读数位置指示器 鼠标滚轮
  • 回到顶部 Button
  • Change Body Background Pattern for boxed 布局



12/02/2024 -User reported JT Carousel Yendif Helper error Issue fixed. 01/02/2024

  • Joomla 4-5 version 更新, AcyMailing, T4 Plugin, Akeeba Backup updated. 27/10/2023
  • Joomla 4 version 更新, Joomla 5 version added, AcyMailing, T4 Plugin, Akeeba Backup updated.






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